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How to tell the difference between kerosene and gasoline by Asif Nadeem
Sengoku Kerosene Heater
How to Differentiate between Kerosene and Gasoline Since using gasoline in place of kerosene is extremely hazardous, I thought it necessary to give a set of simple tests in order to determine whether a container holds gasoline or kerosene. 1. ...
How to open a car trunk that doesn't respond to the lever or key by Asif Nadeem
I have never worked on a Miata but as a general guideline on opening a trunk that is not responding to lever and key, here is the way to proceed.1. Inspect the fuse for the trunk lock and ensure that the power to the actuator is not ...

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Not always true. I have bren caugjt and all i had was a 250 dollar driving without a license ticket
by Guest - 1 day ago
Speeding up to 14 mph more then allowed would result in 2 points. More than that is 4 points. I suppose you'd also have your insurance rates raised. Every year without any violations will ...
by jade - 4 days ago
Careless driving ticket is vague enough to fight but best would be to meet an attorney and consult him/her about it.
by jade - 1 week ago
how many hours need to replace a rack and pinion for 2009 KIA portage?
by Guest - 2 weeks ago
Thanks, Bonita. That was very helpful. :thumb-up:
by jade - 2 weeks ago
So go ahead and pay the ticket. You didn't even mention the waste of time and money if you risk going to court.
by jade - 3 weeks ago
I don't see that information in my paperwork...hmmmm. I know that I've read not to call the insurance company and ask because it might flag your account to run your license when it's ...
by HLC820 - 1 month ago

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