Fewer and fewer used cars in dealerships

While new car sales fell by nearly 20% in August, compared to a fairly high month in August 2019, used car purchases remain high: + 17%, so much so that some specialist sellers have less and less to offer in concession or on their website.

This is the case with La Centrale, for example, which is now recording a 15% drop in offers compared to the period before covid.An observation shared by the Autoscout24 site.At this second-hand specialist present in several European countries , difficult to find recent city cars.

Destocking thanks to the conversion bonus

For good reason, these less polluting vehicles are just like new cars eligible for the famous conversion bonus.Of the 200,000 bonuses issued in June and July, 47% relate to used vehicles, according to figures provided by the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition.

Demand therefore increased for models that were already highly sought after, such as recent second-hand vehicles less than a year old or petrol models, hence the reduction in inventories observed today, and the fact that dealers are mainly taking back this moment of vehicles good for the breakage (to benefit from the premium) does not make it possible to renew the used fleet quickly enough.

These diesel models or a little older are also an opportunity to still do good business."For a year, diesel had been abandoned by buyers, and prices have fallen by 5 to 10%, explains Vincent Hancart.which allows you to make good deals.However, on the most sought-after vehicles such as very recent second-hand vehicles, these good deals no longer existed for a long time ".

Posted Date: 2020-09-03

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