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I own a 94 Ford Ranger and a few days ago I let my father use it for an errand. Well I guess it had no antifree and it stopped on him and wouldn't start again. He said it overheated and a lot of smoke was coming out of the hood. After getting home and checking the fluids, I realized that it also didn't have any engine fluid. I don't know that much about cars can anyone please help me out? Is my car fried?

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Dunderal welcome to the forum. Without looking at it it is difficult to know if the engine is 'fried'. You may try to add fluids and see how it's running

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Mrs. Wood

I won't do that. Just put fluids down it to see how it runs. I bee asking a shop what to do. Before even attempting that. Tell them what happened. Se what they say. Find a older shop mechanic unless you know one that you trust really well.

Me myself I trust one shop down the street her in Haltom city Texas. I can walk or drive in. Tell the guy how it sounds and what the rides doing. He can tell me exactly whats wrong & how to fix it. when it comes to this.

Lots of things can go wrong if haven't already from no fluids like oil or trans. You could have burnt internal parts that could get more costly if you just put fluids down here & see how she runs. Especially if you don't know about rides.

It might or might not be fired. Since it just stopped. You better ask a shop. Also get a repair manual for your ride if you don't already have one. Thew older manuals tell you alot. Not sure if you can find and older manual for a 94 like the big blue manual books we have here.

Any repair book that matches your year in on trouble shooting pages can give you a pretty good idea where to start and what damage might have been done.

Yeah! You might be looking at being blessed and nothing went wrong. Or you could be looking at the worst. Depends on how bad the internal damage is to the engine, trans and all your internal parts.

Don't make it worse by just putting fluids down her turning her over. You could throw a rod or anything. Blow up engine if it's not fried already. Okay.

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