Is Your Car More Likely To Get Pulled Over?

Let’s face it, when we think of a car that is the most likely to get pulled over, we usually think of a red sports car. Maybe even a Corvette, a Ferrari, or a Lamborghini (especially when one races past while we trudge along in a boring old sedan). But, does the color, make, and model of a car really make a difference in how likely the police are going to stop the driver?

In order to better evaluate this theory, I compiled the information from several articles about which cars get pulled over the most. Here is what I found:

Do red cars really get pulled over more often?

No. In fact, several studies found that white cars are more likely to get pulled over. In fact, most concluded that red wasn’t even one of the top three colors. Silver and gray colored cars were also more likely to get pulled over than red ones. However, some people still theorized that red was more likely to catch the eye of the cop, so if both a red and a white car were speeding, the white one might not get noticed, but the red one definitely would. Statistically, white is the most common color for company cars as well, and, perhaps, people are a little less careful when driving their company’s car than when driving their own?

Are flashy sports cars more likely to get pulled over than minivans?

Yes. But, researchers argue that it’s not the car getting pulled over, it’s the driver. And, who is more likely to be driving a mini van? Someone with little kids, which, in most cases, means the person driving is more likely to drive carefully than if they were driving a sports car. Or a company car, apparently.

The really interesting thing that I found in all of the statistical analyses is that sedans were actually the most likely to get pulled over. In fact, only several sports cars made the top of any of the lists; the Nissan 350z, the Scion FR-S and the Mercedes Benz SL class. However, “sporty-looking” sedans were more likely to get pulled over than “boxy” ones (according to an article by

If you’d like to see what one insurance research company found with regards to exactly which cars are most likely to get pulled over, you can check out this link to

Image By Axion23 (A well deserved ticket.) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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